Life in Haiku

Life in Haiku

Allaah is my Lord
Taking me through all of it
Rising up and down

Ruby’s house was full
Eight children now one more
You can have this one

My mommy and me
Home is a small college town
Ithaca is nice

She gave me Japan
In bright blue flower silk robe
From house that she cleaned

Sundays were for church
Sit quietly and listen
Your soul needs to hear

Teenagers like fun
What is there to do here now?
Going somewhere big

Allaah is my Lord
Guiding me along the way
Right to the masjid

No god but Allaah
Yes! I know this is the way!
I want to be good

Cover and pray now
New friends who do just the same
Trying hard to learn

Mommy does not see
The beauty of my new way
Hi mom. How are you?

Islam is my way
My heart tells me it is true
Each beat sings in praise

Words from the Most High
Ring in and out surrounding
My heart, soul and mind

Time passes quickly
Strong bodies sit down in chairs
Dialing phones with care

Mommy how are you?
When will you come to see me?
Every month I go.

Allaah is my Lord
On the highway i still pray
Sometimes all alone

Allaah knows my heart
Mommy needs her only child
The distance is great

Husband with his girls
Mommy does not like this way
She wants me with her

Seek help with prayer
That is the word from my Lord
He will make the way

Mommy is coming!
On the train with nieces help
Are you my daughter?

Marie! Please come here!
Mommy needs her cup of tea
I rush all the way

Gladly to her side
Food is too this or too that
But all is well here

Quraan is playing
Ayatul kursi at night
Mommy goes to sleep

I know a prayer
Say Allaah is only One
She says it clearly

She says she loves me
From my head to my tip toes
Now I believe her

My mommy and me
From her town back here to mine
Sleeping on the hill.