Praise be to Allah Who has made His creation perfect, and has taught man speech and writing. This blog is the first ever for me, and I intend through posting to share some of my life as an American Muslim revert who came of age in  the 1960’s and 1970’s when this country was full of turmoil over the war; the Fifth Dimension sang of the Age of Aquarius, James Brown and Aretha Franklin filled us with soul, Marvin Gaye asked What’s Going On? and Jimi Hendrix blasted me to the core with a sound I still remember.

It was within this backdrop that Islam was shown to me and made the most clear sense as a way of life, and I have not looked back. I thank Allah for the guidance, and I intend that those who read these posts appreciate the mercy of Allah, our Lord and Cherisher, and that they recognize the vastness of the reach of guidance even to a simple black girl (it was alright to say black back then) who was a (Girls)high school student in her first few years in the big city of Philadelphia.

I wanted to share little stories that I have written to entertain my newly acquired “step” daughters wanting others to see how any situation that is colored by remembering Allah can become beautiful.  This remembrance can be directly or by pointing to the many mercies that Allah has granted to us that we can never fully count.  Feel free to copy re-post, read, change, improve, comment, etc.

I also intend to share pieces of advice that have proven invaluable to me in these years that someone who reads them may also benefit themselves and yet many others thereby adding to the reward of my teachers and their teachers and so on and so on.

I intend by these posts to please Allah first, and share our wonderful way of life for any to see and comprehend and benefit.

Thank you for your time, so til next time, salaam


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