Cinderella’s Happy Ending

Cinderella’s Happy Ending

This is my take on a writing prompt: Change the ending of the story Cinderella:

Cinderella’s oldest sister, Juliana, felt bad about how they had been treating her. She remembered the lessons their father taught them when they were little about how Allah loves those who are nice to other people. As she stood at the ball and watched that beautiful girl dance with the prince she thought, “I know my sisters and I deserve to be happy, even Cinderella. I hope we all get the husbands of our dreams.” She decided then and there that after the ball, she would be a better Muslim and that included being nicer to Cinderella.

Their middle sister Ariana was not so sure that she was ready to be a better sister, but she always wanted to do what her older sister did. That night when they got home they went to find Cinderella in her small room. Juliana called to her and hugged her close.  “My dear sister Imani, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings since we came here.  Please forgive me for being so mean. I’ll call you your real name Imani from now on.” Of course Cinderella (Imani) said okay. Juliana explained that her and Ariana’s father was a Muslim who taught them the right way, but after he died they did not do what he had taught them. Juliana and Ariana prayed to Allah that He would let them be a big happy family with husbands that would fill them with joy.

Imani (Cinderella) was very delighted that Juliana finally wanted to be nice and have a happy family.  She liked that they prayed to Allah, and remembered that her father had taught her about Allah as well.  She was very young when he died, so he didn’t get to tell her much. As she slept that night she saw her father and her mother in a dream and they told her to be patient with the decree of Allah. They also warned her to give up magic and those who practice magic, meaning her ‘fairy god-mother’. Imani was so happy that her sisters wanted to be friends that she did not mind staying away from the fairy.

Juliana found her little Quran that her father gave her when she was seven.  She opened it and started reading. Ariana tried to stay awake and listen to the words. Their mother noticed the light in their room and came quietly into the room. What a sight! Her oldest daughter was reading Qur’an in the most beautiful voice.  This was the Quran that she had forgotten about long ago.  “How could I have put this book away when it was the words of my Creator?” She asked herself. She thanked Allah for such wonderful daughters.

By the next morning the prince John was going around to find the girl whose foot would fit the glass slipper.  When he got to the house of Juliana, Imani and Ariana the girls were all excited to see what would happen.  As soon as Imani’s foot slipped into the shoe everyone cheered.  The prince John was overjoyed to see such a beautiful and modest girl.  At last he had found the perfect wife after so many years of searching.

Imani insisted that John become a Muslim before they could be married. He went back to the village and looked for his childhood friend, Abdullah. Abdullah had grown into a fine man with many children.  He was happy that the prince John had finally wanted to hear about Islam. They spent the next month reading and talking about the perfect way of life.  Then the prince John declared his acceptance of Islam. When he told his father about Islam, the king was proud of his son.

So Imani married the prince, and soon after that the king died.

The new king, John, declared that Islam was the official religion of the kingdom, and encouraged everyone to accept Islam. His brothers accepted Islam and soon married Imani’s two older sisters, Juliana and Ariana.  The fairy god mother saw how Imani was happy without the help of magic and soon gave it up and learned how to do good work with her own hands. The girls’ mother opened the Quran and spent her days and nights in memorizing the words of her Creator.

Everyone was happy in the palace and in the kingdom.


9 thoughts on “Cinderella’s Happy Ending

  1. Je n’ai pas vu le match, mis au vu du descriptif, ça a du être un simulacre de match, ou en tous cas, un match dont le seul but était de faire tomber un record. C’est comme si au foot 2 équipes décidaient que leurs gardiens ne pourraient utiliser leurs mains pour que le record du nombre de buts marqués to#bm&e8230;


  2. After spending a few years in Europe I returned home and within a day I was struck by how nothing had chda8en&#g230;the same pettiness, same social inertia, same politics. What’s most disconcerting is that so many seem content to just remain in the stagnant water.


  3. This is so funny lol when I was I school in 2007 myself and a friend started writing a muslim harry potter! We had both read all 7 in the series so we started writing number 8 in which they all became Muslims lol


    1. I love happy endings, and isn’t Islam the best ending? In shaa Allaah there will be more stories showing how Islam can make even the worst story come out happy at the end. (Kind of one track mind…)


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