Ramadan Reflections: Between Taraweeh and the Grenfell Fire

Ramadan Reflections: Between Taraweeh and the Grenfell Fire

still can’t write about Ramadan, but I can share this. I had to pray at home this year, but for some reason the last salaat in Ramadhan it did hit me, that this may be my last Ramadhan salaah, so I tried so very hard to pray like it was my last one. So many thanks to you for this reminder and may Allaah accept our ibaadah aameen and take us among the believers whenever it is our time…aameen

The Muslimah Diaries

By Chaimaa El Azraak

I tried to string some sentences together these past few days as I wanted to capture my feelings and thoughts from the past month or so but I often stopped typing because nothing I was writing was making sense. I was trying to make sense of everything but it wasn’t coherent. I can’t really explain how this past month has made myself and so many others feel as it’s been quite overwhelming but here’s a attempt.

I’ll start with Taraweeh. Taraweeh is hosted by all mosques around the world and both males and females of all ages make their way to the mosque each night to join in these prayers. It hasn’t always been a simple task performing them at the mosque, so every opportunity to visit the mosque is a treasured gift to me.

Taraweeh left me with this indescribable feeling every night.


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