Looking Back to COINTELPRO in the Age of “Black Identity Extremism”

Looking Back to COINTELPRO in the Age of “Black Identity Extremism”

Welcome to being “black and Muslim” in America in 2017. We’re not running and hiding. Just hold on to the rope. remember the ayat where the hypocrites said to the believers that all of Arabia is joining against you, so fear them? what was the reply of the believers? truly Allaah is sufficient for us, and He is the best of Protectors!

Sapelo Square

by Will Caldwell

The FBI issued an intelligence assessment on Aug. 3, 2017, alerting law enforcement around the country to the new threat of “Black Identity Extremists” (BIE). Foreign Policy since has obtained a copy of the report and it is now receiving widespread media coverage. Many in the government and the press are expressing their shock and confusion at the report’s assessment that there is a coherent threat coming from anti-police brutality activists, Black nationalists, and Moorish Sovereign Citizens alike. Yet, only a few short decades ago, the FBI targeted similar groups of Black Muslims and civil rights activists under its COINTELPRO “Black Nationalist — Hate Groups” division.

In fact, the intelligence assessment explicitly links the FBI’s perception of a BIE threat to its counterintelligence efforts against Black American citizens during the Civil Rights era. Page 6 of the report claims that “BIE violence peaked in the 1960s and…

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