Reflections on the Women’s March on Washington Part 2

Reflections on the Women’s March on Washington Part 2

Sapelo Square

My Body, My Choice!!!

By Ieasha Prime

My, Body, My Choice! Watching, hijab-clad young women march next to middle-aged white feminists while shouting this phrase sent shock waves through the Muslim community. Some scrambled for answers to questions such as, “Can we say that?” Are our women siding with “them”? “Have we lost our Muslim mind?” This scurrying for the answer caused me to contemplate the moment when I stood beside my son in the middle of this massive, spiritually charged and contagious crowd. I remember when this chant my body, my choicebegan, I paused and looked at him for about 5 seconds and he looked back in my eyes for an answer to “how do we respond to this one?”

Three seconds later, I yelled at the top of my lungs, “My Head, My Choice!” Women and men around me stopped and looked directly at me wearing my three-colored hijab. Realizing the…

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10 proven tips to get your duas answered.

10 proven tips to get your duas answered.

Alhamdu lillaahi for these reminders. They are well worth sharing, and I ask that my dear readers make dua for me.


A Muslimah's writings

Originally written for Ayeina.

How to get your duas answered?

Duas, prayers, supplications, duaa, why my dua is not accepted?, how to get my supplications granted?, how to make dua, how to benefit from duas, muslim dua, quran duas, duas by muslim. Make use of the tips and techniques to get your prayers answered.
There are several articles online, that list all conditions/requirements to get our prayers answered. In this article, I will write what has perhaps not already been written about and points I include from my personal experience. In sha Allah it will benefit us all.

1. Make Dua for others

Yes, we all know that. But how can we optimize this? Make dua for others what you want for yourself. We can understand this better with an example. When I was pregnant, I used to pray regularly for normal and easy delivery. But even before I was pregnant I used to pray for my pregnant cousins, relatives and friends that they have easy and normal deliveries. I did this for several reasons.

1. I am extremely scared…

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re-post from Theresa Corbin (Islamwich)

re-post from Theresa Corbin (Islamwich)

I’m so new to Imojis, but just seeing another avenue we have under taken as Muslims is exciting…

by Theresa Corbin Yesterday something awesome happened. A Launch Good campaign went live. Why does that matter? Well, it matters because this crowdfunding effort is bringing us Islamic emojis! Islamoji: “The Fun Muslim Pop Culture App With A Cause. Custom-designed emojis to express your unique self!” The Islamoji app is the brainchild of Sakeena Rashid, Founder of […]

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25 Ways To Remove Stress And Anxiety From Your Life

25 Ways To Remove Stress And Anxiety From Your Life

These thoughts that follow make me happy to open WordPress. This is worth writing by hand to remember.

Diary of a Revert Muslimah

1. Ask Him. He Listens: Dua
Turn each anxiety, each fear and each concern into a Dua (supplication). Look at it as another reason to submit to God and be in Sajdah (prostration), during which you are closest to Allah. God listens and already knows what is in your heart, but He wants you to ask Him for what you want. The Prophet said: Allah is angry with those who do not ask Him for anything (Tirmidhi).

The Prophet once said that in prayer, he would find rest and relief (Nasai). He would also regularly ask for God’s forgiveness and remain in prostration during prayer praising God (Tasbeeh) and asking for His forgiveness (Bukhari).

Allah wants you to be specific. The Prophet advised us to ask Allah for exactly what we want instead of making vague Duas. Dua is the essence of worship (the Prophet as quoted in Tirmidhi).


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Too Busy…

Too Busy…

Every reminder helps if we’re not too busy to listen….

Islam: My Story as a Muslim

Assalamu alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu Readers🙂

I hope this meets you in the best of conditions.This is a Nasiha I gave on a whatsapp group some weeks ago and I decided to share it with you all.

We are too Busy trying to get a degree 📜that we forget our purpose of creation. We are too busy trying to be the best in school 🏨that we forget our obligations as Muslims. We are too busy trying to follow the trend🕺💃 that we neglect the Sunnah of the Rasul. We are too Busy trying to please people that we forget that we are obligated to Please Allah first.

We are too busy trying to prove our worth to people that we forget Allah has created us in the best of forms. We are too busy hanging out with friends that we forget keeping family ties👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👪 is a part of the…

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Ibadur Rahman – Special People to Allah

Ibadur Rahman – Special People to Allah

How many can we check? The world needs us to strive for all of them…



On Friday evening, I attended a talk by Nouman Ali Khan on “Quranic healing of the heart” which was held at the East London Masjid.

Masha Allah as usual, the ladies section was packed and it’s always a great feeling seeing loads of other hijabis, people in jilbabs and niqabis all under one roof.

The topic that Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan spoke on was Ibaadur Rahman~ worshippers of Allah SWT.

Do we know who these are? Luckily, my phone was fully charged so I managed to use my note app to write some few points to serve as a reminder for myself first and also to share with all of you.

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Too precious to keep to myself.
May Allah reward the sister, Mufti, and all who read to strive and keep striving, ameen.

Islam: My Story as a Muslim

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu Readers,🙂

I hope this meets you in the best of conditions. It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. I have received requests from you guys for a new update. Alhamdulilah, I finally have time to release a new article. I am so sorry it took me long to write a new article. I have been so busy with school. Last semester was quite crazy and stressful😒 but Alhamdulilah ala kulli haal.🙃

Today’s article is going to be a motivational one.💪 I realized that as much as we need to constantly remind our fellow Muslims, we also need to encourage each other. I was inspired to write this article after listening to a Mufti Menk’s lecture (same title with the article).

I would like to begin with a hadith of the Rasul (SAW). Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “He whose two days are…

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