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Jamilah doesn’t look at Facebook as much as before.  The new family keeps her very busy, so activities like Facebook viewing only come up maybe once a month.  Once long ago when she opened her page, there was a post from Aminah, a sister who was married to a friend of Jamilah’s.

The danger of Facebook is that people can feel free to post both truth and falsehood.  Only the real “friends” will know the difference.  Jamilah realized her position with Aminah when years ago she saw poems, love poems, real down to the heart and soul love poems, written by Aminah.  The description of the recipient of these intense emotions could never have been Aminah’s husband, Omar. There was even reference made to “him” in a negative way.  Then photos made it very clear that Brother Omar was not the apple of Aminah’s eye.  But did she really think this would not be clear to anyone, especially Allaah ta Ala? (smh in Facebook lingo)  Jamilah did not dare to say anything to Omar.  In time the truth would come out, or the situation would go away.

Aminah had dropped out of posting for a while also. (or maybe Jamilah was “unfriended”?) But it did not really matter.  She was too busy living her own life. Fast forward to two years later…. here’s a post from Aminah.  No picture, but just a post saying that she is having trouble wearing hijab, and she will know who her real friends are by who sticks with her when she is down and not just when she is doing good.

Comments: “Stay strong, sister, and do what you are feeling, because only Allaah can judge you”…. “You’re beautiful inside and that’s what matters”…..”You should fear Allaah and do what is commanded”…… Jamilah came in with “You have my duahs, and please pray for me too.  None of us can think we are better than the other.”

Jamilah thought she gave good but neutral advice without sounding self righteous. Some comments got a reply from Aminah, but most did not. Another month passed, and when Jamilah ventured onto Facebook the first picture she saw was Aminah! No hijab at all. Actually with beautifully styled hair! Many comments were on how beautiful she was, and even a question on how she got the beautiful waves?  Jamilah was speechless.  She was angry with herself that she did not take a harder stance at the first mention of life in opposition to the command of Allaah.  She wanted to just fit into the “supportive” tone of the comments of the day.

Now she was puzzled. In these trying times where Muslim women are prevented from niqaab do we think we have time to play with basic hijab? (May Allaah bless them and make them even stronger to continue aameen)  Covering is   beyond the opinion of anyone who is a believer.  It is just about “hear and obey”.  It was too late for her to take a definite stance encouraging the obedience to the command of Allaah, regardless of how she was “feeling”. And now Aminah felt even more emboldened in her position to where she let it all just hang out.  For this post Jamilah had to just go with “No comment”.

May Allaah keep us firm on the straight way and let us help each other in good, and not in evil, aameen.  And let us use our brief time in this life for the best, and be more mindful of the “time wasters!”  Aameen